The Foundation for Compliant Self-sovereign Wallets

With cutting-edge security features, implementation of self-sovereign identity framework and user-friendly design, we are building to deliver a compliant, protective and inclusive gateway to access the internet, across web2 and web3 solutions.


Self Sovereign Wallet with Security

Vectis uses security features supported by your devices. Following best security practices, your credentials are never exposed.

No Extra App Required

Vectis Lite is embedded in the browser available from mobile, tablet and desktop. For dApps: this means users stay on your website from onboarding to transacting.

Extensible Through Plugins

Extending your account to suit yours, your family's and your organisation's needs with recovery, transaction rules, automated transactions, 2FA and more

Future Proofing Self-sovereign Wallets


Towards Cyber Security Standards

By using Passkey and supporting features like regular key rotation, account recoverability and 2FA, Vectis offers the same level of protection to users as other financial applications with mandated and well-establised security standards.

Self-sovereign Identity and Compliance

Vectis users enjoys compliance without credential / asset custody. This allows Vectis users to access web3 services (even when regulations such as Crypto Travel Rules apply) and SSI services by sharing verifiable presentations

Extensible to suite your needs

For individuals, families or institutions, Vectis is designed to be extensible through our plugin systems, allowing for features such as 2FA, authorised automated transactions and other business flows to be added.

Vectis (Lite)

Vectis Lite is embedded in the web browser, no extra application is needed. You can also use Vectis as a Progressive Web Application in your devices for quick access.

vectis mobile

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